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Birmingham AL     Photo birm093
Birmingham Electric
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Birney 815 turning east onto 3rd Ave N from N 19th St, heading for N 20th St., where it will take another right, bound for the near south side residential, medical, and business sections. It would be on one of six short routes to that area, probably on #10 South Highlands. The photo was taken from in front of Lovemans Dept Store, now incorporated into the McWane Science Center. The building under construction on the left, is the new location for S.H. Kress five and dime store. The building directly opposite on the right would soon after be replaced by a new building for FW Woolworth, another five and dime store. In the middle of the block on the left can be seen the Burger-Phillips clothing store. All three of these buildings (along with many others) have been repurposed. The tall building at the next intersection is the Watts Building, still an important part of the downtown skyline.
Caption data from William Leonard photo courtesy the Bill Volkmer collection

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