CTA Movie Clips
There are five movie clips listed below.  As each one of them is quite large, I recommend a right click on the link, and save it to your local drive to view later.
A 4000 series car on the Loop (Quick Time)
This one is actually from an old incarnation of the Chicago-L.org movies page, which was wiped out in a server crash of some kind. As such, it's actually not even on the current page! But it's from one of the Chicago's "L"/Subway System Rolling Stock videos (I don't remember which one off-hand), put out by David Harrison's All the 6000s You Missed Productions.
A 5000 series car entering Howard from Skokie (Quick Time)
 From "Chicago's "L"/Subway System: Rolling Stock '94", All the 6000s You Missed Productions.
A 6000 series car history (Quick Time)
 From "Trolley: The Cars That Built Our Cities", Transit Gloria Mundi.
A 6000 series TV station farewell report (Quick Time)
 A 10pm news report from Ch.5 (NBC) news, WMAQ-TV
A Skokie car raising it's pan (AVI)
Unknown source
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