Odds and Ends
 This page contains the pictures that I couldn't classify under any of today's operating lines.


Antiques from the Don Ross Collection

Antiques at the original site of the Illinois Railway Museum
North Chicago IL

CTA painted a set of 2000's in the original CRT livery for
the 100th anniversary of rapid transit in Chicago

At the Illinois Railway Museum today

4000's on their way to a museum in the South Shore yards

At the Fox River Trolley Museum today

At the Branford Electric Railway Museum today

The "Folding Four"
An early prewar PCC articulated train, four of which originally roamed the system, but at the end were used exclusively in Skokie Swift Service.  This unit has been restored to it's original livery, and resides at the Fox River Trolley Museum.  Two other units still exist, one at the Illinois Railway Museum, and another at the Monticello (IL) Railway Museum.

Work Equipment

The Bicentennial paint scheme with the Boeing "State-Of-The Art" train showing behind it.

A new car (2200's) about to leave the Budd factory in Philadelphia

These shots were taken at the Boeing facility in Ridley PA when the cars (2400's) were being built.  This was the method of testing the units, as CTA cars (except Skokie) do not have pantographs.

One old el car (#1796) was sold to the Gaylord Container Corp.
to use as a utility car to move rolls of paper from one part
of the plant to another (9/63)

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