O'Hare Service
Please Help - I'd like to start identifying these locations.  If you can definatively locate them, please email that data with the picture number (i.e. ctaxxx.jpg) here.
Locations now identified have a blue background.
This is the Northwest side of the O'Hare/Douglas Park-Garfield Park line.  Northwest bound, this system runs through the Dearborn Street subway, then an elevated structure, then down the center of the Kennedy Expressway, and finally underground to a terminal at O'Hare airport. This route does not connect directly with the rest of the rail system, but only by a single track connection left over from an earlier era.  This connection can be seen from the Eisenhower Expressway at the junction of the Douglas/Garfield lines.

Before this line was extended to O'Hare airport, it terminated at Logan Square on the city's northwest side.  The pictures below are on the original, Logan Square line.

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