Southside Lines
Jackson/Englewood/Kenwood/Stockyards/Dan Ryan Lines
Scenes at Indiana Avenue

The Kenwood & Stockyards Branches
A now abandoned short extension off the south side main line that left Indiana Avenue and traveled east for about a mile.  At this same location was the Stockyards Branch that looped around the famous Chicago Stockyards.

The Dan Ryan Line

Jackson Park/Englewood Lines
These two south side lines diverge at 59th street on Chicago's South Side.  This service was originally the south end of the Howard/North Side line, but is now paired with Lake Street.

Jackson Park Line Wreck
I had originally posted that this location was at 63rd & Stony Island, but here is a quote from Bob Miller that may shed more light on this location.
"I spent a great deal of time about 30-45 years ago on the Jackson Park "B" Trains, going to 63rd and Stoney Island.  The pictures are definitely on the Jackson Park Line, but are not at Stoney Island which is further east. I believe that the site shown is the curve to 63rd off of the north/south portion of the line.  One of the pictures shows what I think are the tracks
(ramp) to the 63rd street lower yard, and the same one shows wooden cars parked in the distance - 61st street upper yard.  63rd and Stoney was a two track stub terminal with no curve."

Further information from John McNeil
The wreck site is the eastbound curve at 63rd street between the 61st.
station and the South Park station.  The background is the 61st. yard and
Shops where my Grandfather was chief air brake mechanic for 40 years.
The bridge in the background of several other pictures spans the Illinois
Central Railroad at 63rd and Dorchester.

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