IRM 2004 Trolley Parade Movies

Dave shot the 26 clips on this page on July 4 2004 at the IRM annual Trolley Parade. The files on this page are in a 320x240 resolution in the .wmv Windows Media Format.

Left click on the thumbnail to view it on line, or right click to save it locally

CA&E 321-309-308
CA&E 308-309-321
CA&E 431
CA&E 321-308-309 on the main line
CSL 4391
Iliinois Terminal
CSL 1374
CSL 144
CSL 4391
IT 415
CRT 1808-1754
CRT 4290-4412-4410
CTA 41-30-22
CTA 6655-6656
Indiana Railroad 65
North Shore 714-160
North Shore 251-757
CA&E 308-309-321
CA&E 431
North Shore 229
TM (Milwaukee) D13
North Shore 604/TM L14
Chicago Comm Ed 4

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