The Key System
Richmond Shipyard Railway
NYC el cars on the Shipyard Railwaywas taken c1950-52 at Emeryville shops. The car on the left is IRT 844, on the right 889, numbered 561 and 563 respectively on the RSRy (these are the two cars saved for the Project X thing at the Maritime Museum)  These were painted yellow and operated on a fan trip over the transbay lines at about this time.  That was the last time they ran until around 1968 at Rio Vista, where one of them (844/561) is still operated on special occasions.  Built by Gilbert Car Co in 1882, motorized between 12/02 and 2/03, retired c1939, ran on RSRy until 1946.  Manhattan Railways numbers are presumed to be the same as the IRT ones.
Caption data from Peter Hinckley
Joe Testagrose collection
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