The Key System
March 12, 1942
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The big train tore up the gutter and sidewalk as it ground across the pavement and hit with a crash against a drugstore operated by A. C. Butler at 3800- East 14th Street. The two-car train stood in a jackknifed position at the intersection for more than four hours as crewman worked to put it back on the rails. The wheels of the second car remained partially on the 38th Avenue rails. Although the train hit the building with such force it awakened people sleeping on the second floor, the only damage was a broken plate glass window and neon sign and a torn awning. Early commuters, temporarily stalled, resorted to hitch-hiking to get to their jobs.
Police rerouted all automobile traffic at 39th Avenue, sending it up to Foothill Boulevard and around the wreckage.  Trains were sent over the eastbound tracks until the westbound track could be cleared.  The
trains, traveling in controls, were routed on the east tracks from 41st Avenue to 23rd Avenue. Conductor Elliot was treated at Highland Hospital and then released.
Caption data from Ken (Key Route Ken) Shattock
Norm Spaulding collection
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