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Los Angeles
Los Angeles Railways (LARys) / Los Angeles Transit Lines (LATL)
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA)
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1290 on the 10 line at Rimpau in November 1956. I think this is a fantrip that we (SC-ERA) ran. Several things remind me of this:
1-the 10 line had been abandoned for 14 years by the time this picture was taken (we loved to put up signs for lines that no longer existed)
2-the run number hanging from the rear view mirror. Few lines ever had that many schedules, but (in our youth) we particularly appreciated that particular run number
3-H class cars had not run either regular service or trippers on the P line (location of the Rimpau loop) for many years before 1956.
4 - I am not altogether certain that this was the Pico and Rimpau loop. Memory is unclear just now, but it could be 10th Ave and Jefferson.
Caption comment by Ken Harrison; photo courtesy the Joe Testagrose collection

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