Long Island Rail Road
Karl Groh writes (a caption):
"This 4-car train of double deckers was on a fantrip, and I was there.  The train made a tour of electrified trackage, and this was the one and only time such stock traversed the Port Jeff branch.  That was on 8 May, 1971.  The location shown is Robbins Lane, Syosset where the Landia Plant of the Fairchlld Camera and Instrument Co. was located.  They (the camera people) urged the LIRR to build a station there halfway between Hicksville and Syosset, when they built their new huge plant there.  Most of the employees lived in Queens, where the old plant was, which the company outgrew and the new plant then  consolidated everything under one roof.  Four trains a day stopped there, but traffic dwindled as people moved to the Island.  When the M1's and high level platforms (and third rail to this location) were coming, the station was abandoned rather than go to the expense of high platforms."
May 1971
Joe Testagrose collection
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