Lake Shore Electric
A Barney & Smith 1898 wood, series 2-29, of which several were converted to freight motors and two to combines, 5 and 16.  I guess they converted whatever was handy without regard to number series.  Cars 18 and 23 were converted to double end for the Toledo-Genoa tripper, a suburban run to a very small town with no wye.  Otherwise most of the Barneys lasted until abandonment, but most were out of service by 1932 following a huge reduction in riding.  While they were original cars, by the 1920’s they were used largely on local services.  They had L4 “coffee grinder” controllers and four 75 hp motors, but they had been built with two such motors.  They were made 4 motor around 1901 to improve performance which had been very poor even by 1989 standards.
Caption data from Bill Vigrass
Bill Volkmer collection
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