Lake Shore Electric
#20 at the Beach Park yards.  Barney and Smith #20 must have been taken in 1937 or 38 since its headlight is mounted low, a result, I think of a PUCO or some kind of ruling to enhance a motoristís ability to see the car better, or to light the street better.  Anyhow, old as they were, a few Barneys evidently were operating at the end, probably in local service, here and there.  No. 20 has been double ended, and that I think was done very late while LSEís petition to abandon was in the mill, but they had to retain service to and from Norwalk where the line was cut to install an underpass under a railroad (NYC?).  So one of the 60ís and a Barney were converted at that late date for double ended duty and ran until the end I think.  They were built in 1899.   Another Barney 23, I think, was double ended for a Toledo-Genoa tripper for rush hour (one extra car) commuter service.  LSE would create a car for a job if need be.
Caption comments from Bill Vigrass
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