Fairmount Park Transit

The Fairmount Park Trolley ran about 9 miles  and it  had a major stop at Woodside Park.  It crossed the Schuylkill River to another terminal in the park at 33rd & Dauphin Street in North Philadelphia.   It had a depot about 1/3 of the way on its run to Woodside Park.  Where, it had storage facility for spare cars at the height of the Summer season.

Mervin Borgnis

The Fairmount Park Trolley DID go to Woodside Park. Woodside Park was a park within the park, so to speak. While the park appeared to be within the boundaries of Fairmount, in reality the Fairmount boundary was gerrymandered around Woodside such that  technically, Woodside was outside the park limits.

Woodside contained picnic tables, a small "scenic"  railway, 40 amusement rides, and a bicycle race track.  There was a trolley stop labeled "Woodside" within walking distance of the park, which was on the western side of Fairmount Park. It was situated at the intersection of Monument Ave., Ford Road, and Conshocken Falls Road.

Woodside Park outlasted the trolley line by almost 10 years, and was closed in October 1955 (the trolleys were abandoned in September 1946.)

Bill Volkmer
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