Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Transportation Company era
PTC double-end car 5235, one of 16 modernized in 1941, is seen at the Old York Road and Chelten Avenue terminus of route 52 in West Oak Lane on Saturday, January 28, 1956, the last day of trolley operation on that line.  The car then proceeded to operate through Stenton and Germantown to Ridge and Midvale Avenues in East Falls.  Route 52 was a long time one-man car line, but it was converted to two-man operation on Sunday, June 19, 1955, when PCC route 23 went one-man to utilize 30 conductors left at Germantown
Depot.  On Sunday, January 29, 1956, route 52 was converted to bus operation.
Caption data from Dennis M. Linsky
Joe Testagrose collection
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