Philadelphia Rapid Transit
Luzerne car house, probably in the 1960's. This photo was taken after Air Car & All Electric Car swap between Luzerne which had majority of 2116-2200.  Woodland carhouse had 031-2080, 2501-2514, 2588-2645...Callowhill had 2646-2680...Germantown had 2726-2800...Prior to this swap..some of Germantown cars after rehab
ended up in Luzerne...2727, 2733, 2759, 2762, 2771, 2777, 2738... Unfortunate after the swap of the All-Electric cars...the majority of the swapped 2100s & 2700s were destroyed in Woodland Carhouse Fire...That is how Luzerne got TTCs KCPS cars and the Birmingham cars KCPS were 2240-2250...Birmingham cars were 2301-2317.
Caption data from William Pierson
Gerald Widemark photo
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