Philadelphia & Western

A 1931 Brill-built Bullet car crossing the trestle (viaduct) that linked Bridgeport, Pa., with the Norristown Terminal where P&W cars ended their 13-mile run from 69th St. Terminal. The viaduct spanned the Schuylkill River and railroad tracks. The view is from the Reading Co. DeKalb Street Inbound platform. Branching to the left is RDG's connector to their Main Line, crossing the Schuylkill River, and straight ahead leads to the RDG Stony Creek Branch. The PRR's Norristown branch stands to right of view.  This location now occupied by the new transportation center at Norristown.
Caption data from Ed Havens, Garry Patterson & J. Wiese
 Ed Havens collection
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