Philadelphia & Western

A Brill "Bullet" and two Stafford cars in daytime storage awaiting rush hour service. The shot is at 69th St. Terminal looking east in the direction of Philadelphia. Note that even in the mid-to-late 1950s when this scene was captured the passenger platform still is wooden planking. Each of Pennsylvania's three trolley museums -- Electric City at Scranton (#206) , Rockhill at Rockhill Furnace-Orbisonia (#205) and Pennsylvania Trolley Museum at Washington southwest of Pittsburgh (#209) has a representative sample of the 1931 Brill "Bullet" production.
The Rockhill Bullet is operational with trolley poles instead of third rail shoes. PTM's is a static display because P&W was a standard gauge railroad and the western Pennsylvania museum uses 5'2-1/2" "Pennsylvania Broad Gauge" track, the same gauge used in New Orleans.
Ed Havens collection
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