Philadelphia & Western

This is the P&W's Strafford station at the western terminal of the original 10.6 mile main line, opened May 22, 1907. According to traction historian Ronald DeGraw, the first car had only passenger when it left 69th St. Terminal but was packed full by the time it reached Strafford with people who wanted to see "the brave new railroad that would do battle with the Pennsy." In the photo, the Pennsylvania Railroad's Victorian style Strafford station is in the rear behind the Brill car. The Norristown branch did not open until Aug. 26, 1912 but ultimately became the most heavily patronized corridor of P&W. The 13.7 mile line from 69th St. operates today as SEPTA Suburban Transit Division Route 100. Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co. ran the last Strafford train in the early morning of March 23, 1956. It was replaced by the Red Arrow's Route Y bus which took twice as long to travel from 69th St. to Strafford. Such was progress!
Caption location from Ed Havens & Al Achtert
Ed Havens collection
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