The Reading Railroad
Philadelphia Electric Commuter Operations
Reading Co's Norristown, Pa Station showing an inbound (towards Phila.) set of RER-13's. What gives the location away is the overhead bridge of the PRT. (now SEPTA's Norristown High Speed Line) and the Whistle Post on the right. To the right on that, you can just make out the PRR's Schuylkill Haven Branch, and it's Norristown, Pa Station. Tracks to the left go over the river to the Reading Mainline. The tracks behind the MU cars leads to the Dekalb Street Station and later to the end of the branch at Elm Street Station. The whistle post is for the grade crossing at Markley Street, just east of Dekalb Street Station.
Caption location from Scott M. Drake
Paul D. Hartline collection
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