St. Petersburg Municipal Railway

Tampa Electric Co.

The new Tampa & Ybor City Street Railway

Here is a little bit about the operation.  You may notice that the cars operate on the left side, British style.  Note the double trolley wire, the approaching car uses the wire to the left as it moves forward.  There are no wire frogs on the system.  As you will see, there is a conductor signal bell, but the cars were run one-man when there are very few passengers.  On opening  weekend over 40,000 showed up.  At capacity, they can only carry about 11,000 daily.  When starting, instead of using a foot gong, they have an air whistle.  Sounds a little like the CNSM 150 series or the CRT 4000s.  They do have a bell in addition to the whistle. It was really great to listen to those traction motors in 2002.  Memories of the Chicago Kedzie and Lawrence Avenue cars and the pre-6000 "L" cars.
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