Third Avenue Railway
The Manhattan end of the Third Avenue bridge, adjacent to the TARS 129th Street carhouse, which was the main headquarters. The southbound car with the "S" is on the Harlem Shuttle, a route that operated between 129th Street and 138th Street & Third Avenue.  The car approaching with the "W" sign is a put-in for the Willis Avenue line, having just left the carhouse.
Both of these lines were abandoned on August 5, 1941.  The elevated structure in the background was about ten tracks wide, and included two through tracks for the Third Avenue line, two pairs of terminal tracks for the local trains of both the Second and Third Avenue lines that terminated at 129th Street, three or four layup tracks, and a stub track that was used by the shuttle that operated between here and the
Harlem River terminal of the NYNH&H and NYW&B roads.
The car at the bumper on this track was #824, a former steam coach built in 1881 that had been converted to an instruction car about 1901.
There is another single track, upper level, right over the 824 and the other gate car, used by 3d Ave Through Exps. in the rush hours bypassing the whole schmier below.  At the drawbridge it joined
with 2 tracks from 2d Ave and formed the upper level of the line from
133 to 143 Sts (at which point the Bergen Cutoff diverged and one track rejoined the lower level).
#824 is now up at Branford.
Caption data from Bill Armstrong and K. F. Groh
Bill Volkmer Collection
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