Third Avenue Railway
It is interesting to note that there once were no less than four streetcar lines on 125th Street: K, Broadway-Kingsbridge; T, Third & Amsterdam Avenues; W, Willis Avenue; and X, 125th Street Crosstown.  The K was motorized on June 22, 1947, the T on May 18, 1947, the W on August 5, 1941, and the X on June 29, 1947.  The Mack C-45 buses in this photo are probably on the M100, Broadway-Kingsbridge and M101, Third & Amsterdam Avenues routes, for BX29, Willis Avenue was served by prewar Macks until well into the 1950s.  The M102, 125th Street Crosstown bus line was dropped only two days after it replaced the streetcars.
Caption data from Bill Armstrong
Bill Volkmer Collection
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