Twin City Rapid Transit
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The Beginnings

Horse car
Early electric
Selby tunnel
Post card

Minneapolis Public Library Collection

The PCC's
(Builders Photos)

PCC 300
PCC 300
PCC 300

(And some even earlier)

President Lowery's private car
Pup on Broadway
Interior of pup
4th Avenue southbound
7th & Wabasha
Lightweight on Broadway
Interior of lightweight
Interior of lightweight
1307 on Penn Ave.
Double Decker #1145
Advertising car
Advertising car
In the corner
End of the line
34th Avenue
Glenwood & Aldrich
Awaiting the torch
Chicago Ave. franchise car
Chicago Ave. franchise car
4th Ave. northbound
Downtown St. Paul

The Ken Josephson collection

Twin City Lines archive collection
This collection came from Jim Bertrand via Bill Olsen.  They are originally from Twin City Lines archives, many showing accident shots, etc.

The Bill Olson collection

The Bill Volkmer collection

The story of the "cow campus" line.

Minneapolis Filtration Plant Railway

1950 Track Maps

Minneapolis map St. Paul map

Because none of the PCC's were more than eight years old, they all went on to a second career in other cities:

Mexico City
(where a "2" was prefixed to the TCRT #)

Newark NJ (City Subway)

Shaker Heights Rapid Transit (Cleveland)

Today and yesterday at the
Minnesota Streetcar Museum

Lake Harriet
tcrt boat

     Today at the Seashore Trolley Museum
Dave Cremins Photos

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