Toronto Transportation Commission
 2534 on Kingston Road westbound at Warden Avenue
Township of Scarborough
June, 1952
The streetcars were removed east of Victoria Park Av on July 1, 1954 as the zone system of fares came into effect and (despite the fact that this area was already an extra fare ride) they no longer wanted the cars outside the city.  This extension was built from Victoria Park Av to Birchmount Loop and opened in December 1928 to replace the old radial car (interurban to all you guys) which was then cut back to run only east of Birchmount, and the city cars only lasted 25+ years.  The Witt motors (and a few ex-TRC
wood motors) hauled trailers in rush hour and during the Canadian National Exhibition periods up to very early 1953 when the trailers were replaced by PCCs in rush hours (those Cleveland cars, ex-Louisville only) - one man PCCs for one-man trailers, then the two man cars were removed shortly after and PCCs took over.  The ex-Cleveland/Louisville cars were shopped fall 1953 for couplers and replaced by the oldest PCCs we had (Class A-1 4000-4139 series) plus a few ex-Cincinnati air cars (Class A-10 4575-4601 series).  The weekend service was the KINGSTON RD-COXWELL combination route and that occasionally had an all-electric PCC as well, including, rarely, the ex-Cleveland Pullmans (once they got their couplers and lost the temporary one-piece signs that confined them to CARLTON and HARBORD).
Comments by John F. Bromley
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