Toronto Transportation Commission
  2966 and a trailer southbound on Yonge Street
near Merton St.
The track connection into Davisville Carhouse was to allow TTC construction cars to operate wrong line from Eglinton CH (backing up) to access the subway carhouse yard.  It had just about reached the end of its life here, as the mainline subway tracks were under test and the connection was to be lifted.

As far as I know it was last used in 9-53 to back in the two subway cars that had been displayed at the Canadian National Exhibition.  They were towed up (by Peter Witt motors) from the CNE over city streets, then backed into the yard.  One car, when being so-delivered, was delayed and the subway car sat in Lawton Loop off Yonge north of St Clair for the entire day!

Davisville was not a subway shop, just a carhouse, and is referred to as such.  Shop work, even on subway cars, was done at Hillcrest, with cars being moved initially by rail when necessary (which was seldom).  Trucks were shopped using flatbed (road) trucks.  TTC did not have a true subway shop until Greenwood opened in 1965.
Comments by John F. Bromley
October, 1953
Bill Vigrass collection

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