Toronto Transportation Commission
4235 Bay southbound at Queen's Quay
This is a weekend-assigned PCC car - regular weekday service was with 2-man Peter Witt cars. Today the 510 and 509 routes turn this same corner, but 30 feet lower in the subway tunnel!  The crossbucks were a mere courtesy, really, as the railroad spur line along Queen's Quay was on the far south side well away from the streetcar tracks, and one would cross the rail line only to access the docks.  The Toronto skyline was in simpler times, with the Bank of Commerce Tower at the rear still the tallest in all of the so-called British Empire (now the Commonwealth but in those days Canada was still officially a Dominion of Britain).  Visible at right was the old Club One-Two over on Yonge St, not exactly the equal of the big New York night clubs but they tried.  It didn't last long.
October, 1953
Comments from John F. Bromley
Bill Vigrass collection
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