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Dayton Ohio dtn047
Peoples Railway
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Peoples Railway 250, Cincinnati Car Co. built, c1914 originally as a 600 series trailer, rebuilt to motor car c1923 by Cincinnati Car Co. Departing the Epworth Ave. wye onto Wayne Ave at the extreme southern end of the Main-Wayne line The Wayne Avenue line was converted to trackless trolleys and extended to a new loop at Wayne Avenue and Fauver Avenue on August 18, 1940. Short sections of trolley wire were spliced into the trackless trolley wire in place of this special work when the streetcar trolley wire was removed. I drove down Wayne Avenue today (18 June 2005) and observed that these splices are still in place. This implies that the trackless trolley wires shown in the photo have not been replaced since at least 1940.
Caption data from Cliff Scholes photo courtesy the Bill Volkmer collection

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