Traction Around North America in the Early-2000s
Updated October 9 2016

Judging by content, Dave was attempting to provide a bit of a snapshot of electric railway preservation, mostly museums and other displays, as they would be found in the early to mid 2000s, as captured thru the lens of the camera owned by Frank Hicks.

Over the ensuing few years, several of the cars have moved to other properties, some have been fully restored, and a few have been parted out, with their components too deteriorated to be saved. So if you find a car somewhere you didn't expect, that would be why. If you have updated status, please send me info back, and I'll update the necessary pages.

We owe great thanks to Frank Hicks, who provided the majority (but not all) photos in this collection. This is as great a spot as any to tout his fantastic contribution to this hobby -- The Hicks Car Works. If you are interested in traction preservation, it is THE site to visit.

Also -- I know Buckeye Lake isn't a museum, but it is/was a collection of cars (at least when the cars arrived there), so I included it with the museums

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Buckeye Lake OH
Connecticut Trolley Museum
Electric City Trolley Museum Association
Indiana Transportation Museum
Illinois Railway Museum
Orange Empire Railway Museum
Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
Seashore Trolley Museum
Shore Line Trolley Museum

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