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Montreal QC     Photo mtc56
Montreal Tramways Company | Montreal Transit Commission
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Two-man car 2652 running on the 29 Outremont at its south end terminus near the port. Cars in this class (2850 to 2874) were meant to operate as trailing cars in two car trains with cars 2650 to 2674. The 2850s were one-man cars that would operate alone during the day. At rush hour, the 2650s were brought out and attached ahead of the 2850s. As such the 2850s were painted in the traditional two-man colors of green but had cream color fronts to show they were front entrance cars when running alone. In late 1934, couplers were removed and cars were repainted into the traditional cream with red trim one-man colors and operated as single cars. In 1953, they were renumbered into the 1850 class to avoid conflict with new bus classes.
Courtesy the Bill Volkmer collection; caption data from Joe Heckenast

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