New York Central RR
154 at  Melrose station on the Harlem Div., Q motor w/caboose and a cut of 2nd Avenue el cars enroute from Port Morris (interchange w/NHRR), then on to Highbridge yard, where an overhead crane would load the bodies onto flats and the trucks into gons. The old (1890) wooden el cars, motorized steam trailers, already 52 years old, were then shipped to Richmond, California, in the Bay Area, where they were fitted with pantographs and operated throughout the war on the Richmond Shipyard Railway.  Two of these cars were saved at Western Railway Museum, one specimen with a pantograph and one without, as the cars were operated in pairs, all cars having motors, but only one having a pantograph.
June, 1942,
Caption data from Karl Groh and Bill Volkmer
Joe Testagrose Collection
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