Pittsburgh PA
Pittsburgh Railways / Port Authority Transit
Updated April 7 2014

There are over 2100 photos on this page, which has been reorganized, more or less, by car number. With a few exceptions

A large thanks goes out to James B Holland and John Swindler for their dedication and hard work at getting the captions on these pages correct.

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Pittsburgh Conventional Cars thru 3800s Pittsburgh Conventional Cars 4000-6000 Pittsburgh Death of the Cars Series Pittsburgh Inclines Pittsburgh Miscellaneous (I didn't know where else to put them) Pittsburgh PCCs 1000-1299
Pittsburgh PCCs 1400-1499 Pittsburgh PCCs 1500-1599 Pittsburgh PCCs 1600-1630 Pittsburgh PCCs 1631-1663 Pittsburgh PCCs 1664-1699 plus the 70s Air Rebuilds Pittsburgh PCCs 1700-1720
Pittsburgh PCCs 1721-1750 Pittsburgh PCCs 1751-1799 Pittsburgh Air-Electric PCCs Page 1 of 3 Pittsburgh Air-Electric PCCs Page 2 of 3 Pittsburgh Air-Electric PCCs Page 3 of 3 Pittsburgh All Electric PCCs Page 1 of 2
Pittsburgh All Electric PCCs Page 2 of 2 Pittsburgh PCCs in the era of the Siemens Cars (4001-4012 and Super 17s) Pittsburgh Right of Way Pittsburgh Siemens Cars Illegible Numbers Pittsburgh Siemens Cars 4101-4155 | 4201-4255 Pittsburgh Work Equipment
Pittsburgh Car Yards and Storage Locations