Paul Ward's Collection
The Louisville Railways 100 was unique in that it was built by Kuhlman to Brill Master Unit plans.  When delivered, it was single ended as opposed to the normal double end configuration of the others.  In this view the Railways appears to have added a front trolley pole, presumably for backup operations. Photos taken of the car in the late 1940s show that the pole was removed at some point. Trolley Talk number 94 has a plan for this car. Apparently this car was delivered in orange and cream colors.  According to Motor Coach Age (May June 1990) combined express streetcar and local bus operation started on Broadway September 16, 1928. Broadway runs east-west in Louisville, just south of the downtown area. Broadway cars only ran as far as Bardstown Road during the hours of express operation, which were until 8 PM on weekdays and Saturdays.  Transit riding in Louisville suffered a drastic decline as the depression swept across the country.  Operation of both buses and streetcars could no longer be justified by May 1, 1933 and streetcars returned to full-time local service.
Broadway was converted to buses November 24, 1940. Large numbers of this type of modern car were operated in Portland Oregon & more in Yakima Washington among other places.
Caption data by Bill Volkmer, Bill Robb
and Wayne Roberts
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