Paul Ward's Collection
A San Francisco Marmon-Herrington in a picture from the firm that manufactured the card holder on the front of the bus.  The shot of Marmon-Herrington trolley coach 684 was probably taken right at the time trolley coach service began, likely June 16, 1949.  684 was one of 80 in the 660-739 series which ran from 1949 to 1977.
This picture was taken in the trolley coach yard behind the old Geary carhouse, known as  the Presidio yard.
Coach 847 is part of the 740-849 series of Marmon Herrington trolley coaches that arrived in 1950-51 and were the final order of 1940s-1950s Muni trolley coaches. Judging by pictures in Inside Muni, these coaches were delivered with two piece destination signs.  The Twin Coach (609) in the background eventually also had two piece signs, so this picture would probably be early in the 1950s.  No scratches or dents yet!
Caption data by Roy King, Peter Ehrlich and Bil Robb
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