Paul Ward's Collection
This is a builders photo of a brand new Lynchburg car which was painted in light and dark green, before they adapted a red, black, and silver paint scheme towards the end of operations. The Buchanan St. destination is indeed the name of a short shuttle line, but the destination blind refers to Buchanan St., as the location of the Lynchburg carbarn, which was a very modern facility, which is still there. Buchanan Street in Lynchburg VA was the shuttle lne past the car barn connecting the West End and Fort Hill lines near Kemper St. Station to the East End line (other end of West End, called Fairview.) A single trucker served Buchanan Street like the Toonerville Trolley. There were 20 cars, 100 to 119. They went to Roanoke and Norfolk for the war effort after Mack persuaded the City Council to repave Rivermont Avenue putting the tracks in jeopardy.
Caption data by Paul Ward and Bill Volkmer
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