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Montreal QC     Photo mtc20
Montreal Tramways Company | Montreal Transit Commission
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An intriguing photo of car 1348 westbound on Queen Mary approaching Decarie. It's intriguing because the car is signed for the Mount Royal route, which terminates at Masson near Pie IX in the east. The route is nowhere near the photo's location and the car wouldn't go anywhere near here to get on its route or for a detour. Furthermore that route's number was 7 and not the apparent 39 showing. The location has been corroborated using city directories showing the visible businesses and also by comparing it to other photos at this location. According to the city directories, the photo was taken somewhere between 1945 and 1947, which is when those businesses in the background were there.
Courtesy the Bill Volkmer collection; caption data from Joe Heckenast

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