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Montreal QC     Photo mtc42
Montreal Tramways Company | Montreal Transit Commission
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Double-ended car 2004 is turning west to start another run as a 24 Millen car. This scene is at the City Limits loop in the northeast part of the city. The 24 Millen route is what is left of the old 24 St Denis route. Only the very northern portion on a private right-of-way from Cremazie to City Limits loop remained after Nov. 8, 1953. The route looked like an upside down L. The southern terminal near Cremazie and Millen was simply a crossover so double-ended cars were needed even though there was a loop at its other terminal. This route was finally discontinued April 26 1959h, a week before its scheduled May 3 closure in order to allow the city to create paved streets on its right-of-way.
Courtesy the Bill Volkmer collection; caption data from Joe Heckenast

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