Paul Ward's Collection
North Carolina Public Service Co.
Greensboro NC
April 10, 1930
This car ran through 1934 in Greensboro, and was then sold to Norfolk, where it ran until andonment. Lynchburg received 20 Brill Master Units in 1929. Trolley Talk 93 shows a picture of number 107 taken in 1939.  The exterior lights, etc seam to be the same.  The retriever has been moved over by the headlight, to allow a dash card ad.  But, when I look at the the delivery chart in Trolley Talk 93 it lists Lynchburg deliveries as #101-110, BUT 20 cars, not 10 (and there is a caption confirming 20 cars). Lynchburg cars were painted grey-cream with a grey roof.  There also were 20 yellow and red cars delivered to Porto Alerge, Brazil in April 1929.  I guess the answer lies in who received order # 22805. As far the Master Unit name, Trolley Talk gives this explanation for the name: "uniformity in design of sectional and end construction with the economic capability of being mass produced".   The Louisville car 100 was the first prototype car
delivered to a U.S. property. This was in April 1929.  (Trolley Talk 93).
A total of 78 Master Units were built by Brill (62), Anerican (3) and Kuhlman (14) through May 1930.
Caption data by Paul Ward and Bill Robb
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