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Montreal QC     Photo mtc68
Montreal Tramways Company | Montreal Transit Commission
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1547 on the Côté St. Paul Road bridge. This photo was taken probably in March 1952 a few weeks before the bus replaced the car via the tunnel built a few blocks east and opened in 1951 You can see the flyer in the window stating the the car will be replaced April 5 1952. Today only half of the bridge remains on the south side of the canal. The rest was filled in many years ago. This was a swing bridge and when I was young we would jump on the bridge a few second before it would open and took great pleasure in the ride. We had to run as soon as the bridge closed because the operator was coming at us. A new bridge is being built a block west to connect directly to the expressway and this one will become a cycle path. The canal, closed for many years,will be open soon for recreational boating.
Courtesy the Hubert Leroux collection; caption data from Joe Heckenast

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