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Montreal QC     Photo mtc57
Montreal Tramways Company | Montreal Transit Commission
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A PCC car on the 29 Outremont line northbound on McGill about to cross St James (St Jacques). It is just minutes into its trip which will take it north on McGill, east on Craig, north on Bleury and Park, then along the north side of Mount Royal through the affluent streets of Outremont, until reaching its final destination in the Snowdon neighborhood. Montreal's 18 PCC cars mostly operated on this route because it passed through a great variety of neighborhoods, didn't share much of its route with other older cars (especially in later years), and had long stretches where it could really show off its quick acceleration and deceleration. In the final years of streetcar service, they were moved to the 54 Rosemont line in the east end.
Courtesy the Bill Volkmer collection; caption data from Joe Heckenast

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